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Are you experiencing information overload?

By July 19, 2022July 23rd, 2022No Comments

We’ve got access to more information than we’ve ever had through the power of the internet – it seems there is a YouTube video and a how-to article for absolutely every possibility in life.


There’s certainly no shortage of information online on how to manage stress, prevent burnout and connect to your purpose – and there’s definitely a lot of opinions, suggestions and advice available about how to create a career that you enjoy.


And yet, with this abundance of information – we have to ask ourselves – why are so many people feeling unsure of what they really want from their careers moving forward? Why are so many people on the edge of burnout and unhappy in their work?  


Is more information working? 

If all we need is the right facts or information, why do so many people I speak to believe that this is “just how it is” and that we have to sacrifice our wellbeing if we want to follow our ambitions?  


And with so much information available about the gender confidence gap and what to do about it, why are organisations not taking steps to create cultures that support and allow women to thrive?  If all we need is information, why do so many women keep their dreams for the future toned-down , thinking, “I’m not qualified enough”, “it’s just not practical” or “that will never work?”


Why more information isn’t the answer

One of the problems with all this information being so readily available is that we get used to outsourcing our own abilities to know what we want, what feels right for us as an individual. We can get used to taking on board someone else’s suggestions and advice (which, even if they are an expert, doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for YOU).

And I wonder if we are collectively finding it harder to lose the ability to problem solve, and think creatively – because we are used to having the answers readily available at our finger tips after a quick google search?

Having access to all this information keeps us stuck in our heads and our thoughts – and even further away from our bodies and our experience of the present moment.


Why coaching works

Of course, sometimes we need to research something or gather information. But it’s also important that we can balance the advice, information and opinions with our own inner knowing, our own values and a sense of being able to make a decision as to whether this information is helpful for us to take on board.


This is why coaching works. Although I share my writing, opinion and information here and on social media, I don’t give advice or tell you what to do in client sessions. Instead, I support you to access your own answers. And this gives far better outcomes than advice and step by step instruction does.


And this is why RECONNECT is the second phase of the Thrive Cycle  – my proven framework I use to support my 1-1 clients to avoid burnout and thrive in their life and their work and create careers that they love.  

Because being able to connect to yourself and turn the volume up on our own wisdom is the key here.  

Developing the skills of discernment to be able to know what fits with your personal values, and what doesn’t, is key to understanding how you can make the right decisions and take the next right action towards the change you are looking for.  


Some questions for you to consider:  

  • How is your information consumption currently serving you?
  • Where would you benefit from listening a little more to your inner wisdom?  
    • What would doing this look like?