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Clarity + Curiosity Hours

1 x 60 minute coaching session (online or face to face) 



Get curious and find clarity relating to finding fulfilment and purpose on your own terms so you can get clear about what your next steps are, leaving you with a clear path forward. 


Or maybe you want to bring clarity to a specific question or challenge you are experiencing through an embodied coaching approach

The session includes Access to my “office hours” for additional questions or support for two weeks following our session.  

This option is perfect for you if:  

  • You want to get a taste of coaching with me first without committing to a longer package 

  • You need to find clarity and get “unstuck”  to move forward on a specific issue 

  • You prefer to book your coaching sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis rather than booking a block/package.

Sounds great! How do I book?  

You can book your session directly on my calendar here. I do have limited availability of these sessions and priority is given to regular clients, but if there isn’t a suitable time and date then you can contact me with your preferred date and time and I can see if this can be accommodated.  

You will be sent a link to a questionnaire on booking which helps establish your current situation and what you are looking for from the session, which means that we can make the most of our hour together.  

We will then have our session and I will email you any relevant resources after our session.  You can contact me with questions for two weeks after our session, and have access to me during my office hours during these two weeks.    

Can I have a chat with you first?  

Of course – you can book an enquiry call here