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It's time to start doing things differently...

Coaching that empowers you to take back control of your career, your wellbeing and your happiness

Our work together will empower you to get unstuck and gain the clarity, confidence and action you need to thrive in your work

I work with overstretched professionals like you who want to feel calm, energised and confident in both their personal and professional lives....

You put a lot of pressure on yourself, and you also care deeply about the people around you.  This combination often means that you’re more susceptible to stress and overthinking.

Consistently running on empty is not serving you. And neither is crossing your fingers that things will get better next week, month or year and ignoring your desires for change and action right now.

No matter how well you’re spinning all those plates, keeping on top of the never-ending to-do list and everyone’s needs around you – your emotional wellbeing is starting to suffer.  Your energy is low and your inner confidence in yourself is rock bottom.

Yes, making a career pivot or properly prioritising your wellbeing will take some time – and it will mean making some changes.

Not just to what you do, but also to your relationship with yourself, your boundaries and your belief in your self.

But these are changes you can’t afford not to make.

My 1-1 coaching gives you the tools to reconnect to what’s really important for you – so you can gain the clarity you need to move forward with confidence and without overwhelm –

…and ultimately create the life and career that truly lights you up.

Perhaps you’re here because:

  • Career doubts and discontent are creeping in.  You’ve worked hard to get where you are but you’re questioning if this is what you really want for the rest of your working life.
  • You’re at a career crossroads –  you’ve got some difficult decisions to make
  • Your responsibilities and commitments (financial, family or otherwise) are holding you back from making a change – you feel trapped and can’t see any other way forward apart from continuing as you are.
  • Your career progression has come at a cost that you’re not sure you’re willing to pay anymore – but you don’t want to have to give up on your career ambitions.  
  • You’re either working or thinking about work – life has become one long to-do list and you can’t relax without feeling guilty.
  • Your confidence is slipping and anxiety is creeping in  – and you’re starting to question if you’re up to the job (despite evidence to the contrary)
  • You put so much pressure on yourself that it’s impossible to enjoy appreciate the wins and enjoy the good times.
  • Work-life balance feels like an impossible ask right now – and yet you know deep down that something needs to change.

Because you're smart and self-motivated, you’ve been doing what you can to improve things...

But you're not seeing or feeling any progress - and you know that investing in some professional expertise will make it happen faster and feel easier

Here's what our work could give you:

  •  Control of your time, energy and headspace – so you can feel relaxed and present for the things that really matter
  • Clarity on what you really want and need from the next phase of your career – plus a plan and action to make it happen
  • Confidence in yourself and your abilities, so you can navigate imposter syndrome and trust in your decisions.
  • Work-life balance that works for you – and set boundaries that support this 
  • The energy, confidence and motivation to keep moving forward with your vision – even when faced with challenges
  • Increased satisfaction, enjoyment and productivity at work – everything feels easier.  

"Our work together was really valuable as it helped me to find the clarity I needed. I was able to get clear on my ‘why’ and the importance of my values and how these impact my work. I’m now able to move forward, so I can ultimately find more balance in my work"

- Georgia, previous client

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How does coaching help support you?

(and get the results you’re looking for)


Your coaching sessions give you time and space to pause and be yourself, exactly as you are.  This allows you to clearly identify what’s really going on for you, the choices you need to make and the direction you want to take – and so the path ahead becomes much clearer. 


I use evidence based, psycholgically informed coaching approaches that support you to cut through the overwhelm and underlying beliefs so you can approach things from a new perspective.


The agenda for each session is set by you,   so you can move forward at the pace that you need to. I’ll offer expert tools to help you make the progress that you need.


Coaching lets you design the accountability that you’re looking for.  This is what moves the needle and creates the results that you’re looking for.



8 sessions over approx 4 months


or 3x £325 monthly payments

Relevant resources and worksheets to use between sessions. 


8 sessions over approx 4 months


or 4x £305 monthly payments

 Voicenote/text support as required between sessions

Relevant resources and worksheets to use between sessions. 

1 x 60 min follow up sessions at 3 months post program


8 sessions over approx 4 months


or 4x £369 monthly payments

(Introductory price)

 Voicenote/text support as required between sessions

Relevant resources and worksheets to use between sessions. 

2 x 60 min follow up sessions at 3 and 6 months post program

2 x additional 60 minute sessions to be taken at any time during our work together – either as additional coaching sessions, or as mind/body wellbeing sessions for example, to use as breathwork, yoga nidra, or outdoor natural mindfulness sessions – tailored entirely to your needs.  

All options provide relevant resources (such as worksheets, activities or further reading) after sessions where appropriate to allow for integration.

At the end of each session we will clarify intentions, goals or actions (where appropriate)  that you plan to take  to move forward towards a more balanced way of living and working so you are clear on how you want to move forward.  

I reached out to Rachael as I felt stuck and had lost sight of who I was. It's been a challenging and emotional experience and awareness has been such a big part of the process for me but Rachael has been incredibly patient. Working with her has enabled me to start to make moves I didn't think I could.

I know I've still a journey ahead but Rachael's support and advice has been invaluable. She's helped me to explore useful tools and ways of connecting with myself, which has enabled me to see things differently. I'm looking forward to working more with Rachael as I continue to rediscover me again. Thank you.

- Sarah

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Ready to take the next step?


I imagine you’re here because you’re wanting and needing something to be different. And I'm committed to supporting you to make that happen.

I believe in taking the time to listen and get to know you, even before our first session, so we can cut below the surface level frustrations and challenges –  and instead go deeper to establish what’s really true for you. 

Book yourself in for a call, and we can have a chat about what's going on for you and how coaching could help you to move forward

Work with me

Why choose me as your coach

  • Maybe you want to work with a coach who has personal experience of the challenges of performing at a high standard in a professional career.
  • You’d like to work with someone with expertise in wellbeing, burnout and stress management
  • You want to work with someone who can support you to get the results you’re looking for
  • Perhaps you’d appreciate working with a coach who understands what it’s like to run their own business.
  • You want a whole-person approach – you’re open to going deeper and exploring your beliefs, values and identity – not just your surface level actions and behavior
  • I offer an integrative coaching approach, meaning I use a variety of techniques to suit your individual needs – including somatic, body based coaching, as well as more traditional cognitive coaching.
  • I’m an experienced coach and am undertaking further coaching training at masters level (MSc)
  • I’m a positive psychology practitioner, meaning that I’m trained in science-based wellbeing interventions
  • I practice ethically and in line with EMCC guidance.


What is the difference between coaching, counselling and mentoring?

Coaching is a process that takes place in partnership with clients to help guide them towards their inner wisdom and possibility.  A coach does not tell you what to do but instead supports the client towards internal change or transformation.  It is generative and future-focused.  Coaching works on the premise that clients are “creative, resourceful and whole” and do not need fixing or healing.  

A true coaching conversation will feel different to a conversation that you might have with a friend, colleague or even a mentor.  It is not a coaches’ role to give opinions, answers or solutions, but instead to guide the client through their own process.  

In contrast, counselling and therapy focus on healing difficulty, trauma,, and upset within an individual’s past or present.   

A mentor is an expert who provides wisdom and guidance based on their own experience. Mentoring may include a combination of advising, consulting and coaching. 

Consulting is the provision of expert and specialist advice in a particular field – this is different to coaching in that it usually consists of giving direct recommendations and advice.  

I'm signed off work with burnout - can you help me recover

I’m so sorry to hear this – I hope you are getting the support that you need right now.

If your burnout is severe enough that you are currently signed off work then most likely you’ll need a) time to rest and recover b) a medical assessment by your own doctor/occupational health to exclude any co-existing mental health issues and c) counselling/psychological therapies.  It’s unlikely that you will have the physical, mental or emotional energy to get the full benefit from coaching or take action towards longer term life changes right now and therefore it wouldn’t be ethical for us to work together in this capacity at this point.

However, once you are on the road to recovery and are ready to look at taking action to break your burnout cycles and making wider changes in your life and career then this is the perfect time to explore coaching to get clear on what you want to change moving forwards and take action to make this happen – with professional support along the way.

I’m happy to work with clients who are concurrently working with a counsellor/therapist as long as your therapist is aware and feels this is appropriate. I will communicate with your therapist as appropriate(with your consent only).

If you are unsure as to whether you need a coach or a counsellor/therapist right now then feel free to get in touch and I am happy to advise.

I've seen you are a doctor, do you offer medical advice or opinions in our sessions?

I keep my coaching and my medical work very separate and I politely ask you to respect this boundary. Whilst my experiences across my career naturally inform each other organically,  I do NOT mix the two.

I do NOT offer any medical advice, guidance or opinion within coaching sessions, or outside of coaching sessions – e.g by email, social media or casual conversation.

I cannot work with you if you are a current or previous patient, or if a family member is a current or previous patient of mine.  I will ask you to confirm this as part of our contract of working together.

No advice on my website, blog emails or social media is intended as medical advice, opinion, guidance or recommendation and should not be taken as such. Please see my website disclaimer for more details.

Are our sessions confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is a critical component of the coaching relationship, and I take this very seriously.    The only time that I would consider breaching confidentiality is in cases of disclosure of potentially significant risk to yourself or another person. I would usually discuss this with you in advance, should this situation arise.  

I'm very busy, how much time do I need to allocate?

Sessions last approximately 60 minutes.  

Most clients find it helpful to allocate an additional 30-60 minutes a week to allow themselves to explore suggested resources and actions that may arise as a result of our sessions. 

Do we cover specific topics in each session?

Yes and no.  My coaching sessions are bespoke for your individual needs. We will probably agree to explore some particular issues or topics in advance of a session, based on your individual needs.   We will work together (co-create) the sessions so that they are both helpful for you at that moment and what is currently evolving for you, whilst also keeping your bigger goals and intentions in mind.    

What availability do you have? Do you offer evening sessions?

My coaching days are usually Wednesdays and Fridays, although this can be variable due to other commitments.  I offer evening appointments on Wednesdays.  I aim to be flexible where possible.  

Please note that I do not work on Thursdays.  

How do I know what to talk about?

This is a commonly asked question – but usually, in reality, the nature of the coaching container means that clients always know what they want to discuss in a session!  Even if you feel like you don’t have much to bring to a session, it is my role to support you to identify what is most helpful for you to address at that particular point.    This is where a more embodied coaching style can be beneficial. When we don’t have much to say, there is often so much going on on a deeper level that the sessions always uncover so much more than we expect or anticipate.  

Can I email you between sessions if I need support?

You can email or send me voice notes at any time between sessions if you have questions or would find a “check-in” helpful.  I will respond within 48 hours Mon-Fri (usually sooner) by voice note via the Voxer app (a secure app for sending and receiving voice notes). 

I have a successful career and don’t want to leave my job - is coaching with you right for me?

100%!  I work with clients from a wide range of backgrounds – including solicitors, doctors, teachers, start-up founders, corporate professionals, wellbeing practitioners, as well as creative business owners.   Purpose and potential for some people means looking at alternative career options; other clients already have a career they love, but come to coaching to support them to avoid burnout and prioritise their wellbeing, so they can feel more confident in stepping up to the next level and the creating impact that they desire, without burning out.     

I also work with clients who are very happy in their professional work but want to find more wellbeing,  in the rest of their lives.   Our work together supports you to thrive by prioritising your wellbeing, avoiding burnout and identifying your unique vision and purpose  – and gives you the tools to help you in making this a reality.  

I want to make a change in my career - can you help me with my CV and improve my interview techniques?

If you are looking for traditional career coaching and guidance then I’m not the coach for you.  But if you want to work out how to balance your wellbeing with your work, discover what brings you meaning and fulfilment and explore that itch for something more and start stepping up and playing bigger in your career – this is what I help you with.  My clients often find the embodiment practices I facilitate help them far more with their leadership skills, public speaking and challenging professional scenarios than traditional approaches do.  

Do you offer business coaching?

 I work with lots of business owners to help them break their burnout cycle, prioritise their wellbeing and look after themselves as human beings so they can step up and do amazing things in their businesses.  Our coaching might also look at your strategy and business plans in terms of how it can support your wellbeing.  

We are our own best resource, so my clients have reported significant successes in their business as a secondary result of investing in coaching.

Will you give me homework between sessions?

The nature of our sessions means that each session will likely result in you wanting to take some action! You will be invited to choose one or two intentions or actions you want to take before the next session to support your process.  

If appropriate, I will offer suggestions of practices, experiments and resources/worksheets.  

You will have access to pre and post-session worksheets to record key intentions and areas of exploration that arise during/from our sessions.  

Do you offer face-to-face coaching sessions?

Yes, I offer face-to-face walking sessions , depending on availability.  These usually take place in Chorlton or Didsbury.  

Other locations can be agreed upon for face to face sessions in or around south Manchester on an individual basis.

Can I record our online sessions?

Yes, you are welcome to record our sessions for your own personal use.  

I’m not in a position to invest in one-to-one coaching right now, what are my options?

I recommend signing up to my weekly free email letter, where I share my writing, inspiration and resources to guide you in prioritising your wellbeing so you can embody your inner power.  

From time to time I may need to video record coaching sessions as part of my ongoing training and development.  I will offer these sessions at a significantly reduced rate in exchange for being filmed, potentially with some requirement to cover certain topics and provide feedback.  If you are interested in this, please drop me an email at and I will contact you if/when such an opportunity arises.

I also offer a small number of hours every year as “pay what you can”/ reduced rate for women from under-represented groups experiencing financial hardship.  Drop me an email if you feel this applies to you.

Have another question I’ve not answered here?

Feel free to email me at or book a free coaching consultation call if you want to discuss directly.