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Embracing Expansion

By December 19, 2022June 29th, 2023No Comments

Someone asked me what I do for work the other day. I explained that I’m a well-being and career coach for ambitious women who want to thrive in their life and their work – and I continue to work as a GP for 1-2 days a week (this used to be my full-time role)

They replied by saying “a career change – that’s exciting!” And I wasn’t sure how to respond. 

Yes, on paper it’s definitely a career change.  And yes, it’s really exciting.  But it’s also been extremely bloody scary.  

And the fact is, I probably wouldn’t have got this far if I’d approached it as a career change. 

That would have been too far out of my zone of possibility, too big a leap for my nervous system to embrace. 

The truth is, I’ve always approached it more like an expansion than a change – an expansion of my interests, strengths and purpose towards the aspects of my work that I deeply enjoy and am absolutely fascinated by. 

And an expansion always feels a little more possible, a little more accessible than the stark edges of a major life “change”.

And I’ve been experimenting with applying this to other changes and habits and in my life and have found the impact really refreshing.  

I’ve gone from someone who doesn’t go to the gym to “expanding” my exercise routine.  I’ve been gently reducing my netflix hours by “expanding” my evening wind-down options to include some alternative options.  

And it’s going well.  A kinder, more sustainable way of making a shift or change. 

So, my invitation to you is to consider what “expansions” you might find helpful to make this week. 

Are you in the process of making any changes that might be better served by reframing them into expansions?

If you would like some support embracing your expansion, then get in touch here