If you have arrived here and are reading this – you are in the right place – welcome!

So, you are ready to think about one-to-one coaching..  what now? 

Book an initial enquiry call with me


This usually lasts 20-30 minutes and is free of charge.  I usually use Zoom for this.  

The call  gives you the opportunity to discuss your current situation and ask any questions that you need to, so that you can make a fully informed decision about working together.  

 The other purpose of the call is for us both to establish if we are a good “fit” – if you are working with someone for a period of time, especially at this depth,  it’s important for both of us that we are the right fit, and it is important for me to ensure that coaching is the right modality to help you make the change you are looking for.  

I will let you know if I think that I might not be the practitioner for you, and will happily refer you on – I work with a small number of clients at any one time and so it’s important to me that I work with the right people. 

There is never any pressure on these calls – if you are feeling a whole bodied “yes” to go ahead then brilliant, but I recognise that coaching is an investment of your energy, time and money and so I encourage you to take your time to think about your decision and see how it feels in your body after our call.  

I will send you an email afterwards with details of how to confirm and pay, and options for booking times and dates for our first session, should you chose to work together. 

You will also be sent a contract that details our agreement to work together and outlines the details, as well as our responsibilities to each other.  

I appreciate that some people find video calls with strangers uncomfortable and nerve racking.  If that’s you, I’m very happy to have an initial voice-note or email chat before our call if this makes things easier for you or can answer specific questions.