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"You have been transformational - you have helped me find my sparkles"

I reached out to Rachael as I felt stuck and had lost sight of who I was.

It’s been a challenging and emotional experience and awareness has been such a big part of the process for me but Rachael has been incredibly patient.

Working with her has enabled me to start to make moves I didn’t think I could. I know I’ve still a journey ahead but Rachael’s support and advice has been invaluable.

She’s helped me to explore useful tools and ways of connecting with myself, which has enabled me to see things differently.

I’m looking forward to working more with Rachael as I continue to rediscover me again. Thank you.

– Sarah

“Before my sessions with Rachael I was unclear about my direction and felt stuck moving forward with a new project.

Our work together was really valuable as it helped me to find the clarity I needed. I was able to get clear on my ‘why’ and the importance of my values and how these impact my work. I’m now able to move forward, so I can ultimately find more balance in my work.

Rachael’s approach is compassionate but thorough, and she helped me to explore things I hadn’t previously ever considered – I would definitely recommend working with her.

– Georgia, founder / business owner

I started working with Rachael because I wanted to slow down my approach to life and take some time to reflect on my needs and my direction at work and home.

I wanted to feel more confident in my day to day choices at home and work which all impact my health, well-being and sense of work life balance.

I learnt to recognise my inner critic and to step back form it; I discovered I could turn down the volume of critical and restrictive thoughts, which has enabled me to be more compassionate with myself and embrace opportunities to connect, have fun and relax….I am learning to prioritise my needs more…

I found the coaching helped me to give voice to my inner thoughts, feelings and emotions, which I might otherwise not have expressed or explored.

I recommend Rachael as a life coach, as she has helped me to prioritise my own needs alongside my family, home and work responsibilities.

The coaching been an empowering experience, bringing more joy, fulfilment and balance to my life. I feel more confident in myself and my abilities to manage life’s ups and downs.

– Julie

Within the first few minutes of our first session, you helped my unpick my real thoughts and feelings, and I realised that I do really want to go back to xxxxx and that I was just trying to protect myself by saying I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue.

This was something I hadn’t admitted to anyone, including myself.

I was amazed that you so quickly help me realise what was so important to me.

– Anonymous client

“I have given myself permission to look after me first…you can see the transformation…I feel proud of how far I have come”

– Amy M

“I would describe you as a calming and insightful influence. You were able to gently steer me to reach conclusions about my own feelings that I hadn’t been able to unpick on my own and your practical practices were great for feeling into my anxiety, accepting it’s presence and working through it”

– LD

You’re a calm, positive influence and have great empathy alongside being very professional and approachable.

You helped me by never telling me, rather guiding me to the answers myself

– AS

“I have become more aligned with why I do things in a certain way and learnt how to manage that better moving forward. I recognise my patterns of behaviour now and can see the signs earlier on, before the point of burn out”

Your approach is relaxed, accessible and empathetic.  You draw from a logical and intellectual coaching approach, probably influenced by your medical background and combined it with your coaching training and own experience of navigating work-life balance for yourself.  Great combination! Thank you x

– Sarah Parmenter

I wanted coaching to help me get some clarity about what to focus my energy on as I get used to being self employed. In our session, Rachael really helped me to identify areas that were pain points for me and what I can focus on moving forward. She was really kind and approachable and I felt that she really cared which helped me be more open.

I would really recommend her coaching for anyone who feels like they are at a crossroads, or are feeling burnt out, as she offers really practical support.  

– Jess

“You’re a very calm person who is a joy to work with. Your knowledge and expertise are second to none and that helps in the process”

– AS

“I feel much more in tune with myself and feel as though I can embody my values into my daily life”

– Kirsty

You made me feel seen and understood, for the first time in many years. I never felt judged or criticised by you. Instead you helped me unpick my muddled and confused thoughts. 

You did not instruct me, instead you helped me come to conclusions and decisions myself. You are very easy to talk to, and be open with. I never felt interrupted, or as if you didn’t understand something. I never felt judged. Our sessions made me feel like I wasn’t facing this completely alone anymore, but at the same time I felt the security of a coach /client relationship. 

– Anonymous client

Rachael, you have provided me with such a supportive, safe space that I felt I could open up and discuss anything that was on my mind that week. I felt as though you were never judgmental and honoured me where I was at on that day.”

– Kirsty L

Consent has been given to share these client testimonials. In order to preserve client confidentiality, I have only shared names where clients have given expressed permission.