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It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all probably had an experience of feeling stuck at one point in our lives.

Maybe you’ve been unable to make a decision, and you keep going back and forth, round and round on what to do, what the right thing is, what the best outcome might be – until you have no idea how to move forward.

Or perhaps there’s something that you have been longing to do, but the nerves and fear are leaving you feeling paralysed to take action? So we don’t take action, nothing happens and nothing changes…except you start to feel worse because you haven’t done the thing that you want to – and so you end up feeling even more stuck, procrastinate even more and it feels even harder to take the action you want.

I’ve been there….and I experience stuckness on a relatively regular basis – as an example, at the time of writing this I really want to take some more action towards launching my podcast at the end of the year – and yet I feel completely stuck and unable to actually sit down and do what I want to.

Fortunately, I’m aware of how this stuckness feels in my body as soon as it starts to arrive, and I’ve gathered various tools and techniques to help me move through the inaction and paralysis more easily.

And I’ve coached numerous clients through stuckness, indecision and inaction. The way through always becomes clearer when we have expert support to process the messiness of our thoughts and feelings about our situation. Feeling stuck is often how our brain and nervous system trying to protect us and keep us safe – so recognising the positive role of our stuckness and procrastination is really important

And dealing with stuckness is part of the ‘Revolutionise” phase of my Align to Thrive Framework – as it’s such a common theme that comes up for everyone.


Three tools that can help when you are experiencing feeling stuck:

  • Recognising where you are feeling stuck and getting clear about what exactly you are feeling stuck about. Is it a particular conversation or decision rather than a whole project? How is this stuckness actually protecting you?


  • Becoming aware of the experience of feeling stuck and how we experience this in our bodies WITHOUT getting overwhelmed by it is one of things that can make a big difference to being able to create some movement – this can be easier said than done, so exercise is a great way to explore this AND also creates momentum and action, which is only a good thing.


  • Write down 1-2 things that will move you forward that are very simple and low stakes, but create a sense of safety in your nervous system in relation to the task/action etc. It could be composing a draft of an email, writing a list, putting some times in the calendar to work on a task. Set a timer for 10 minutes for each one. It’s all about taking action but without the high stakes that creates the sense of fear that prevents action.

If you’re feeling stuck, trapped or are procrastinating about something and you want to explore about how coaching with me could help you to break through this and take the action that you really want to take –  drop me an email at and let’s chat!



What to do when you're feeling stuck - 3 tools that can help - purpose & potential coaching