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What’s your relationship to creativity?  

By November 16, 2022June 29th, 2023No Comments

What’s your relationship to creativity?  

I know some of you reading this are creatives through and through.  Some of you (probably more of you than you think!) make a living from your creativity.  And some of you might describe yourselves as distinctly “not creative.” 

I was in the latter camp for many years – until I realised that one of the many reasons I was feeling unfulfilled and burnt-out in what should have felt like very fulfilling work as a healthcare professional – was because I had no outlet for creativity and so, I decided to work on my relationship with creativity! 

As part of my thirst to expand my knowledge and interests beyond medicine, I did my yoga teacher training in 2018.  Learning about creative movement, designing sequences and planning themed classes was a game changer for me.  One evening, I was planning a class and had a light bulb moment –  I realised that I AM a creative person. 

And so, I began to seek out more creativity in my life.  Sometimes this was easy, and sometimes it needed me to intentionally make the time and energy to explore this.  But I noticed that the more I embraced it, the more creative I felt – and my stress levels also dropped.  

What is your experience of creativity?

We use creativity in all areas of our work – whether we work in creative industries or not.  Our creativity helps us to generate ideas, come up with solutions and to problem-solve. We navigate challenging decisions and honest conversations with creative responses.  

 I’m now conscious of where I’m using my creativity in these mundane, non-creative environments.  

And I’m also aware of my personal need to make time and space to nurture my creativity in ways that feel exciting for me – whether that’s through writing, movement, making candles or planning my yoga and somatic movement classes.  This is one of the ways I keep my cup filled and keep myself thriving.  

 How do you nurture your relationship to creativity?

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